New Project Silk Website!

Project Silk, under its new leadership at Community Human Services, has decided to consolidate our media presence through our agency website. This will provide us with a forum for us to communicate with all of our collaborative partners and providers across the service continuum. You can access it here.

As a peer-driven initiative, we have concentrated our messaging on our facebook page to expand our reach with those we serve and allow for bi-directional dialogue. Like our page on facebook for real time updates or click the sign-up button to request services discretely here.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of our program!

Acceptance Journeys Pittsburgh

Please check out our University of Pittsburgh partner’s project to address LGBT stigma with a community based, macro-level approach. You can click the following link to attend their upcoming events or contribute your own story! Acceptance Journeys Pittsburgh

Stigma and discrimination have been implicated in negative health outcomes in many groups including people with disabilities, communities of color and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Acceptance Journeys Pittsburgh is a photo-story project that strives to address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)-related stigma in Pittsburgh. Through stories told by people in Pittsburgh about their love and support of an LGBT person, Acceptance Journeys Pittsburgh seeks to put words, faces and names to the process that each of us goes through in learning to love, accept and appreciate difference. We ask our participants to have their picture taken and to share a story. Everyone’s journey is different, and those differences are what make this project so special. Stories are told by friends, family members, mentors, co-workers. They are told by people just like you.

Project Silk Pride Month

For Pride Celebration month, Project Silk will provide communal dinner during our sexual health group every Thursday in June from 5-6 p.m. Come learn about safer sex practices and eat a delicious meal!

On June 14th, Project Silk will have open hours at the community space from noon- 6 p.m. for celebration as well as free, confidential HIV/STI testing. If you are interested in joining the Project Silk members’ walking contingent in the Pride parade downtown, please contact our peer navigator, Kenny McDowell at

Also, check out these other Pride celebrations occurring in the city of Pittsburgh!

June 5th- 6th, 2015
Celebrate Pride with Pittsburgh’s FIRST Latin@ LGBTQ Pride event

Roots Pride PGH
June 11th-14th, 2015
An intentional celebration of diversity across the entire spectrum of race, class, gender, orientation, and ability in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Project Silk Healthy Relationships Group

Project Silk aims to build positive identity development and healthy relationships among youth members through various programming to promote safer sex practices. Specifically, each Wednesday from 5 – 6 p.m. our Therapeutic Intervention Specialist, Daphne Beers, facilitates a discussion group or activity related to these topics.

Click here to read a story in NPR news about the connections between relationship dynamics and sexual health education.

Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness

As the close of STI/STD Awareness Month approaches, Project Silk would like to acknowledge that sexual health can be an integral component of an individual’s overall wellness. We provide support at our community space for safer sex practices, dialogue with intimate partners, and medical advocacy during annual health screenings. Please read the statement below from our Sexual Health Support Specialist, Dalen Hooks:

Here at project silk we offer HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis testing on site. If tested positive for any of these STD’s, we can link you to medical care for treatment.

· STDs are usually spread through sexual contact with someone who has an STD. Sexual contact includes oral, anal, and vaginal sex, as well as genital skin-to-skin contact.

· In most cases these STD’S can be asymptomatic in woman and sometimes in men. For example, seventy percent of women with chlamydia don’t have symptoms.

· Some STDs (like gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis) can be cured with medication. If you are ever treated for an STD, be sure to finish all of your medicine, even if you feel better. Your partner should be tested and treated, too. It is important to remember that you are at risk for the same or a new STD every time you have unprotected sex (not using a condom) and/or have sex with someone who has an STD.

· Genital sores, such as those caused by Syphilis, can make individuals more susceptible to acquiring HIV.

· HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection and it has been linked to causing certain forms of cancer. Vaccinations are recommended for all children ages 11 or 12 years, however, they are available for females up to age 26 and males up to 21 years.

#GYT campaign:

Get Yourself Tested downloadable materials: